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Is my pet happy?

Is my pet ill?

When do they want to pass over?

How can I help?

Why is my pet anxious?


What is a Pet Whisperer?

Someone who makes a natural psychic connection with any animal/pet at a deep energetic soul level.

This gives us Humans the insight and confirmation that these Blessed Beings are making their physical, emotional and spiritual needs known to us. This gives a better understanding of the needs of the animal,  be they emotional,  physical or behavioral.

Jill is the conduit to hearing the animal’s voice, to inform the human  and establish a solution. Animals let us know when they wish to die.  How they wish to die, naturally or with the aid of the vet, and indeed where they wish to pass over.

This knowledge from the pet often accelerates a spiritual awareness for the owner and brings an end without guilt.

Jill connects with your animal using a picture of the animal preferably showing their eyes, and does not need to visit or be with the animal to conduct your reading. Each reading takes between 2 and 3 hours.

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This is a wonderful way of allowing the animal to tell us what ails them. 

Providing a medical scan of the pets body, a physical examination is carried out, alerting us to disease discomfort and infection. 

This is never a replacement for veterinary care,, but should rather compliment medical intervention.

Now what? In conjunction with Veterinary care, Jill applies her skills as a healer and will guide and suggest a method of healing or treatment

Having established an area of concern,  healing is performed,  through Reiki, Quantum touch or energetic balancing. Energetic healing is very powerful on animals.


About Me

Jill is a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist, animal lover and communicator. Her empathetic attitude and astute observation skills allow her to offer life changing therapy, transforming negative into positive.


  • BA Wits
  • Registered Hypnotherapist CHT (non medical – SAIH)
  • Quantum touch Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner
Jill Tait

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