Animal Communication
Reading Example 2

An Example of a Animal Communication Reading

Dear John

What an interesting and communicative little soul this is.  One, that I gather needs special understanding and patience.  

When I look at a face like Cody’s I see a lively loving little dog, plagued by behaviour all issues that could relate to the blocked emotion he had sitting within him.  Now I know for some that sounds strange, but our bodies have a cell memory for trauma we may have experienced, as it is with humans, so it is with the souls of animals.

I would also like to say to the Butler family, thanks for giving him a second chance,  

These sacred souls are put into our lives to teach us something.  I am of the firm belief that animals are out teachers,  its just that we have to figure out what our lesson is, if that makes sense.

This is what Cody had to say:

  1.  Hello Cody, Jill here, may I chat to you.
  2.  Yes Jill.
  1.  Where are you now.  Midday GMT.  
  2.  I am sitting at the door, itching to go out as I can sense human activity, but I know that when I go out I will want to come in.

They say I am a bit of a Jack in the Box!

  1.  What is your favourite food Cody?
  2.  Its any thing crunchy, I like the crunch, crunch, crunch.
  1.  Your Dad has asked me to chat to you to find out how you tick.  And if there is anything your family can do to make your life better?
  1.  Aaaaaaw, that’s so nice, I LOVE my Dad.
  1.  What is the most special activity that you do with him?
  2.  Well apart from our walks, it when I squeeze into the chair next to him, but I mean, squeeze, and I shelter in and I feel safe warm and happy.

I love my Dad, a kindly big man with ‘whiskers’ and twinkle eyes, a voice that resonates, and the kindest of hearts.  When he speaks it gurgles and ripples and soothes all about him.

Cody shows me a smell of scented pipe tobaccco. Also a vyella shirt and a tweed jacket, worn and friendly, (the jacket to his Dad!)


All Cody’s chakras are balanced.  That is very good.

His blocked emotion is LOST.  This occurred in a previous life and the scene he showed me is a bit like London in the middle of the Blitz.  Incendiaries falling and burning rubble with him, as a female running about with injured feet and men with hoses and tools shouting at him,  so so lost hungry and forlorn.

I have cleared this emotion and balanced his body.

This could explain his fear of men and the other anxiety issues.

  1.  Why do you hide when your collar and harness are put on?
  2.  Cause Aria says a big dog will “get me’ out on the walk and I am hesitant.
  1.  What does she say to you?
  2.  Its a barrage of teasing and its merciless, when I am near her or far a way, it never stops, its very spiteful and it hurts me.

She calls me ‘ Funny boy”, and says no one on ;the earth likes me!!

  1.  That’s mean Sam, you will have to ignore her from now on and know that you are very much loved by your family.
  1.  Why do you pull at Fiona’s clothes?
  2.  Because, I just love her so and I have to find a way to let her know. Oh gentle angel who smiles on me benevolently,  her cascading hair masks her inner lovely smile.
  1.  your Dad wants to know why your are seen to bite and torment Aria?
  2.  I actuallly want to play, cause even though she teases me, I love her.

Scared to come downstairs and going up easily.  could be due to an eye issue that Sam has in his right eye,  His vision is about 60 percent in that eye and in darker shadowed areas like approaching the bottom of the stairs, he is naturally cautions due to his impaired vision, whereas when he goes up the stairs he says there is a light shining on the landing and he follows the light and it guides him.  

This impaired sight in the right eye could also cause him to get startled if dog or dogs approach him from that side.

  1.  Why are your confident inside and not outside?
  2.  Pixie says they are coming to attack me.  Also the Human who takes me for a walk is expecting me to be aggressive so I feel their fear and an on the look out for dangers and bark and scare it off before it comes near me.
  1.  do you feel or see Susie around the place?
  2.  Oh yes, she wafts in and out mainly round my Mum.

Sometimes she just sits at the RHS of the front door, looking inwards at the family.

She is observing and missing her Humans.

  1.  What do you think of Mary?
  2.  She keeps me at an arms length, feeds me and all that, but her poor heart is broken and she cant see further than her attachment to Susie?
  1.  Are you sad?
  2. No., I am as happy as a spring chicken and always rearing to go.
  1.  do you feel you have to protect Mary against other men?
  2. Yes if I am with her and she is fearful, I will kick off as I sense her fear and anxiety so I get the signal to protect her.
  1.  Are you the Alpha male in the house?
  2.  No, that will be my Dad.
  3.  Why are you always eating things on your walks?
  4.  Because everything smells so interesting so I have to taste it too.
  1.  Do you like Sean?
  2. Yes he is like my Dad, but his distances himself from me.
  1.  What can we do to make you happier and safer?
  2.  Happier,  more food and scraps from the table.

Safer.  I dont know.

  1.  Does any thing your Humans do make you sad or angry?
  2.  No, not really, I see them all in their bubbles doing what they must do, not hurting or harming.
  3.  Any pain in your body?
  4. No.
  1.  would you like a big dog to play with?
  2.  Yes a very big yes, a chum to while away the days.
  1.  do you like your training?
  2.  No not really I would rather go for a walk.
  1.  do you enjoy being with your humans family.
  2.  Yes the food is good and there is lots of love.  And I LOVE my Dad.
  1.  Do you have any message for your Humans?
  2.  Yes, It will get better, I will get calmer, I sense all your concerns and your annoyance and I will try.  I do love being part of a family.

‘Hear me Dad?’