Animal Communication
Reading Example 3


As I connect with Charlie, I see a very confident bird who enjoys being high up.  I feel that he believes, he ‘sees’ more from on high.  Its like his cell memory from being back in the forest many lifetimes ago is calling him back to an elevated position which makes him feel very comfortable in his own skin.  This is what I am getting, i Hope it makes sense.

He loves Jenna and feels quite protective towards her and he sees you and him as the head of the family.  

He is very curious about all humans and thoroughly enjoys the foot traffic that comes through your shop.  He is a good judge of character and has a sense of humour.  He does not like strangers looking him in the eye,  he finds that very threatening.  

This is what he had to say:

  1.  Hello Charlie, may I chat to you?
  2.  Yes Jill.
  1.  Your Mom has asked me to chat to you to get your advice because she wants to get a dog for your family.  (showing him the picture). This is the little one she would like to get.  Is that ok with you?
  1.  Now there is one thing you should know about my Mom, she is wise and loving and she sees beyond, I shall trust her choice as I know in her deepest self she knows.

She vibrates softly wherever she goes sending out messages to anyone who wishes to feel her.

  1.  What is your favourite thing to do with your Mom?
  2.  Its to nuzzle into her neck and just softly nibble her silver stud earrings as she sings softly to me and strokes my shoulders.

You are my special Angel

Pure heaven for me.  My place.

  1.  What do you enjoy about your car journeys to work with your Mom?
  2.  I like seeing the one small thin man at the side of the road when we stop.  he wears a jagged yellow jacket or shorts and he has missing teeth,  he always sees me and gets excited,  I rather feel he wants to buy me!!
  1.  why do you think your Mum Loves you so much?
  2.  Because I am clever, and amusing and because I make her laugh.
  1.  Thank you Charlie
  2. Thank you Jill.

Miss Milly

As I connect with this sweet gentle little soul, this is the first name that pops into my head.  so for the sake of the reading I shall call her this.

I sense a very gently little soul, who will go to the ends of the earth to earn some love.  (this is often the case with dogs who have come from an abused background or who have felt the sadness of abandonment.)

She is compliant and shows she will subjugate herself to make her human happy.


She epitomises unconditional love.

This is what she had to say:

  1.  Hello Miss Milly, Jill here may I chat to you.
  2.  Yes Jill.
  1.  How would you feel about sharing your life with a beautiful big Parrot bird?
  2.  I would love to be part of the circle of love.
  1.  Would you be afraid of the bird?
  2.  No I would be quiet and gentle and let him be the boss.  I know my place.

I am an out of the way dog, I am no trouble.

  1.  what is your purpose in this life?
  2.  Its to give as much love as I can squeeze out of my body,  give give and give more.
  1.  Thank you for chatting to me Miss Milly.
  2.  thank you Jill.

I get the sense that she will be happy with any name you choose for her.  Maybe Jemma should choose the name.  I sense that these two will be great pals.

She might take a little while to get into your routine, but she is bright and a very quick learner.  

I can see her in an open boot on the way to work so charlie has the bulk of the car.

I feel she will be this one in a lifetime dog,  so you know what to do.

Please send me any feedback as I need this to improve this wonderful gift I have been given to improve the lives of our voiceless ones.

I send this reading in love and light.