Animal Communication
Reading Example 4


  1. As I connect with Leo, I see a cat who looks confident and outgoing on the outside but who is dealing with a lot on the inside.


I sense he has had three homes in his short life.  His first home he belonged to an elderly lady, who owned his mother and kept him when she had a litter.  They were very close and very co dependent.  The old lady died and the cats were unceremoniously separated which caused him such heartache.  He then landed with the family who have now moved to the UK.  In this family he was adored by young children and he was happy.  His blocked emotion was separation which happened when he was 2 and a half when his Mum and he were separated.


This emotion has been cleared and healed.


All his chakras are balanced.


When you wrote on Monday, you had had him for a week.  As Animal communicators we strongly recommend that newly homed cats are locked indoors, in your case in your room for at least three weeks with no outings.  


This gives them time to get a soul sense of all the activity going on in their new environment.  How many cats surrounding them, how many dogs, humans and the lie of the land.   


They do not need to tread the perimeters of the property to learn about who comes and goes.  they also, even from a closed in room sense which cats are encroaching on their boundaries.  So these 21 days are vital in helping them to settle.


Only on the cat lead in the last 5 days.  He is a healthy young male, who is already being assessed by the surrounding cats and an exit or freedom before three weeks could result in fighting for territory and maybe running into the road.  Heaven forbid.


I sense his weeding on your Dad’s stuff was not deliberate, but as a reaction to being startled and feeling unsure of himself.  


Animals do not go out of their way to be spiteful or vengeful,  it is an interruption in unknown and un chartered territory.


This locked up time will also give your parents time to get used to him. Also help them to look favorably on the poor little locked in cat,  this will work in his favour.


This is what Leo had to say:


  1.  Hello Leo, Jill here, may I chat to you?
  2.  Yes Jill.
  1.  Where are you now?
  2.  I am in a corner of the closed bedroom, on the floor on my bed.
  1.  What is your favourite food Leo?
  2.  It is the crispy bits on the outside of fried fish. (Batter on fish and chips).
  1. Do you like the food that you are getting from your new family?
  2.  Yes, beautifully measured out portions of crispy crunchy pellets, very smart and very tasty.  I like my bowls as well.
  1.  Do you like your new name?
  2.  Yes, I love it, it makes me feel strong and proud.
  1.  Are you happy in your new home?
  2.  I don’t need much, as long as I have my two humans who adore and dote on me, all is good, oh, yes and dont forget the food, love that.
  1.  Who is your favourite human?
  2.  Its the younger one, the beauty with the liquid eyes, her gaze is all enveloping and pure Love.
  1.  Your Mum has asked me to chat to you to tell you first of all how much you are loved and then to say please use the littler tray for your toilet as when you weed on your Oupas stuff, he was very upset.
  1.  Why did you do this?
  2.  Because he gave me a look as if he expected me to be wild and mischievous and he was just there all of a sudden and I got such a fright I couldn’t help it.
  1.  Please Leo, its his house and he makes the rules, also please don’t use your Oumas garden as a toilet, only the cat box, OK?
  1.  I will try.
  1.  He decides if you stay or go!
  2.  Oh , I really want to stay, please.
  1. Do you dislike men?
  2. No, when I look at a human, its the heart, I see, not whether they are male or female.

Your Mum wants me to tell you the Rules of the House.


  1.  The hamster is your friend, Please do not frighten or hurt him.
  1.  When your 21 dark nights are up your Mum is planning on giving you an exit window in her bathroom, to the garden.  Access to the garden is only during the day not at night, because the road is dangerous and full of fast cars that squash.

Your sister Isabella’s dog Charlie will be visiting in 2 dark nights for three dark nights, then he will be going to his home. Your Mum will keep you separated from his as he is playful and boisterous.


Your Mum and sister want you to know how much they love you.  


My special ones.

Thank you for chatting to me leo. 

Thank you Jill