Animal Communication
Reading Example 1

An Example of a Passed over reading for a precious Horse 

 J. Dear D, Jill here, may I chat to you?

 D. Yes Jill.

J. Your Mum has asked me to chat to you as she has been heartbroken since your passing, and has asked me to get some answers,  is that ok?

D. Yes Jill

J. Where are you now?

D. I am in a field with a particular grey horse.  Dappled all over except for three or four larger dark grey patches, these are jagged in shape and one covers the right side of his face.

J. What are you doing?

D. Just being together.

J. Are there any other animals around?

D. Yes, they are clustered in a valley far away, happily sitting together, on lower ground, dogs and cats and I can see one particular dog, a red brown spaniel.

J. They are all on a lower plane, us horses are higher up in some hills.

D. I see pale blue skies, stretching on forever, the air is still and there are no fences, just thick lush grass, greener than green, no wind just peace and perfection. We are humming along together, in a harmonious space.

J. Your mum wants to understand why you left so suddenly in the prime of your life

D. I left because I had to, my time on earth had come to a close.  It was written that I would leave on that day.  We all depart, some while still living and breathing on the earth, a loving hell, but I was taken at my prime, I accept this.

J. What is the bigger reason for your leaving?

D. Its for my Mum to figure out, where has the void left her?  What are her true desires, other than her selfless devotion to me?

J. What was your purpose on this earth?

D. To awaken my Mum’s heart to show her how deep love can be, to activate her fear of moving forward to where she needs to be.

J. Are you happy where you are now?

D. I am in timeless bliss Ina place where we are encapsulated in Nowness, just this bright glowing moment matters. I no longer have purpose to attain anything on the earthly plane, I am in perpetual light. Purpose has passed to my Mum now, she must decide.

J. Did you know you were not coming home from the hospital?

D. No, I didn’t, it just happened without warning.

J. Is that a bad thing?

D. No, its good, it helps to slide from one state to another, seamlessly and painlessly.

J. We’re you frightened?

D.  No, I was not.

J. Your Mum would like to know why you were so shiny and life-like after you has passed.

D. It was to remind my mum that I love her, it was my way of showing her that the love is for eternity, I showed her by shining forth.  My language to say, ……..  Hold on, be strong, I will always shine in you.  you will feel me very close at times, showing Love.

J. Do you have any messages for the other horses at the yard?

D. Yes, to the little brown female, two stables down from me,” Never fear, stop feeling sad, we will see each other again one day”. The other horses know and accept my passing, but this little meat had a real soft spot for me.

J. Were you scared at the hospital land before you passed over?

D. No I was not scared, they all made me feel comfortable and I could see a great light in front of my eyes.  It was glowing warmly and brightly, even increasing in intensity after the first injection, until I reached a place that was and pale grey, like a high grey cloud, warm and soft –  with many animals suspended and floating where we came to terms with our circumstances, (spirit hospital).

My sadness was my strong connection with my Mum, my darling soft hearted one.

J. Do you know how much your Mum loves you?

D. Yes, I shine to comfort her all the time.

J. Who came to greet you as you passed over?

D. My Aunt a tall black horse, tall and proud.  A small white short legged dog with brown patches.  Another red brown spaniel. A very small human boy, who had passed prematurely at the age of about 3 years old.  He was dressed in green with pink cheeks and he was smiling.  when I passed, I was pulled into a vortex of love lined by my welcomers.

J. Will you return to be with your Mum in another animal form?

D. No, I won’t, I am settled now.

J. Will you meet your Mum again?

D. Yes we shall be together when she passes.

J. Your Mum wants to know if she should get another horse?

D. Will she, won’t she …. I don’t tell anything where I am, I just feel comfortable.  

I just feel. Follow your heart Darling One, follow a happy heart and live, you will be guided and led to your purpose.