Prerequisite:    Nothing

Duration:         1 and a half days

Level:               Beginner


  • Learn the basic theory of Animal communication, or pet whispering, known as inter-species telepathic communication.
  • Grasp the basics of communication with our sacred beings.
  • This will allow you to practice with your own animals and those of your friends and family.


  • Learn exercises to relax your mind and body enabling you to be more receptive.
  • Why the necessity for Animal communication?
  • What is the value in having this skill
  • How do we use it to enhance the lives of the animals and indeed our own lives.
  • Opportunity to explore how you get messages.
  • Mind preparation to explore the messages we are getting from the animals, our voiceless teachers.
  • How to listen on a deep heart to heart level, using imagination and visualisation.
  • How to send and receive telepathic messages.
  • How to chat to animals face to face.
  • Practice in distance communication, locating where our animal might be in our house.
  • Give questions and get answers from our fellow students.


  • You will become aware that you have only ever used a small part of your mental capacity
  • You will learn the technique of communicating.
  • You will learn how you receive information from animals.
  • You will learn how Animals perceive the world and how they wind balance with each other.
  • You will learn how much the see, and how much they care for us.
  • You will feel connected to a deeper consciousness.